Packing List

Tour Packing List

This worksheet is designed to help you think of different things you might need on our tour. Fewer clothes thoughtfully put together will allow more freedom. Think carefully and make it easy on yourself!


□ Passport (no visa required for US passports).    

□ Money: Debit ATM Card AND a Credit Card


General Notes:

Weather: Check the ten-day weather forecast before our trip and adjust the clothing guidelines below as necessary 

Beware of pickpockets and watch your luggage at all times. This can be a problem at times, especially in Rome.

Religious sites mean no shorts or sleeveless shirts for men, and no bear shoulders, hot pants, and no short shorts for women. Bring a shawl to cover yourself if necessary



□ Modest and Lightweight T-shirts/blouses/pants/shirts

□ Modest and long-sleeved shirts for cooler nights

□ Modest swim wear 

□ Underwear

□ Socks

□ Good walking/hiking shoes for loose rock

□ Sandals (for comfort) 

□ Nightwear

□ Light Jacket (maybe for the plane and evening)

□ Extra glasses (or contacts, if applicable)


For Plane/Bus: 

□ Earplugs

□ Motion Sickness Help



□ Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss

□ Deodorant

□ Hair Care: Razor, Curling Iron, Hair Spray

□ Chapstick

□ Hand Sanitizer

□ Medications/allergies

Laundry? If so:

□ Detergent (double bagged)/ gloves 

□ Travel Iron (if you must, I’ll be wrinkled)

□ Laundry/plastic bag for dirty clothes



□ Bible or small New Testament – small easy to care size

□ Journal/pens

□ Watch

□ Sunglasses (polarized) – A MUST

□ Camera(s) (Film/cards, batteries, charger)

□ Copies of passport, credit card info. – in suitcase

□ Granola Bars/Nuts/Crackers/fruit, etc.

□ A bottle of Pepto Bismol – A MUST

□ Hat – A MUST

□ Electrical Voltage Converters (for curling iron/razor)

□ Electrical Plug Adapters  – A MUST
– See FAQs for the adapter plugs for your trip

□ Small umbrella – maybe – for sun or slight chance of rain


□ RESTRICTIONS: Each person is allowed ONLY ONE suitcase, plus a small carry on. Your suitcase cannot be more than 50lbs and 62 linear inches (height + width + depth). Personally, I don’t expect to wear a new outfit everyday. I bring a few shirts and wash them in the hotel.

NOTE: Luggage is regularly being lost or delayed due to staff shortages this summer at airports. I suggest you take only a carry-on, or make sure you have an extra set of clothes with you.



□ See FAQs for amount to bring and foreign currency

□ Beverages at meals

□ Tips for maids  

□ Meals not included in the itinerary   

□ Water – Bottled water if desired 

□ Spending Money – Souvenirs?