Egypt Bible Tour – December 2022

Last tour of 2022!
Last tour of 2022!
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December 11, 2022
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13 days
Tour Dates: December 11-23, 2022
Tour Details

Thanks for your interest in joining us for our upcoming tour to Egypt in December 2022.

Egypt is an amazing country to visit. It is not only one of the most culturally rich countries in the world, but it has so many fascinating historical connections and stunning places to visit. Regardless of your background or age, Egypt offers something for everyone to enjoy. December is an especially nice time to visit Egypt. The days are warm and sunny (lows 70s) and the evenings are cool. 

Please view our itinerary below or download our trip brochure. It contains a detailed outline of the places we will visit, and it will also give you a good indication of the overall nature of our trip.

This is going to be a wonderful trip. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

Meeting Point Airport

Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Price Includes

  • Teaching and presentations by Dr. Carl Cosaert
  • Five-star accommodation
  • Four nights in the "Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel" (or similar)
  • Three nights in the "Hilton Heliopolis" (or similar)
  • Four nights, five-star Nile Cruise ship
  • Domestic flights - Cairo / Luxor & Aswan / Cairo
  • Three meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites in our itinerary
  • Expert Egyptian English-speaking guide
  • Tips to drivers and guide
  • Transfers in air-conditioned buses

Price Excludes

  • International airfare to/from Cairo, Egypt
  • The cost of drinks at meals
  • General tips - $30 for hotel maids, restaurants, porters etc.
  • Egyptian Entry Visa - $30 paid in advance and issued on arrival
Click or tap the date to read each day's itinerary

Day 1December 11 — Depart from the US

Depart from your airport of choice. The final destination airport is Cairo International Airport (CAI).

Day 2December 12 — Arrive in Cairo, Egypt

Arrive at the Cairo International Airport (CAI). A representative of Advent Tours will meet our group of guests at the airport and transfer them to the five-star Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel (or similar). After checking in at the hotel, you will be able to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Day 3December 13 — The Earliest Pyramids

We begin our first day of sightseeing with a visit to some of the earliest pyramids. We will stop first at the Bent and Red Pyramids built for Pharaoh Snefru in Dashur around 2,600 BC. The Bent Pyramid is of particular significance since it helps to understand how the pyramids were built. Due to structural problems the builders were forced to change the angle of the pyramid from 54 to 43 degrees. This caused the top of it to look “bent.” In order to have a proper pyramid completed before his death, Snefru ordered a new pyramid to be built nearby—the Red Pyramid. We will even be able to climb inside.

After lunch, see an even earlier pyramid—the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Sakkara. We will also see the mastabas of Kagemni and Mereruka, with their beautiful wall carvings. Our day will end with a stop at the small Pyramid of Titi and a brief visit to the ruins of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. There we will marvel at the gigantic 35-foot-tall statue of Ramses II.

Day 4December 14 — The Giza Pyramids

Today we will visit the most recognized and impressive monuments in all of Egypt—the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx. The pyramids of Giza date back to roughly 2500 BC—about five-hundred years before the time of Abraham. The largest of the three is the Pyramid of Khufu, which is 481 feet tall. It is usually known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Pyramid of Khafre is slightly smaller at 448 feet tall, though it looks taller, since it is built on a layer of bedrock that is 33 feet higher than Khufu’s pyramid. The last of the three pyramids is the Pyramid of Menkaure, which is only 213 feet tall. We will have the opportunity to climb up into the burial chamber of the Pyramid of Khafre.

After lunch, we will visit the famous Egyptian Sphinx and then visit a papyrus shop, where we will see how ancient papyrus was made. We will conclude our official time together with a farewell dinner at the hotel, where we will reflect on the wonderful adventure we shared together in Egypt.

Day 5December 15 — Joseph and Egypt

Experience the world of Joseph during the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. Travel to the region of the Faiyum, a basin region in the desert west of Cairo which has been turned into a beautiful oasis fed by a canal from the Nile called the Bahr Yussef—the Canal of Joseph. After lunch, visit the mudbrick Pyramids of Hawara and Lahun, which are associated with Pharaohs from the time of Joseph.

Day 6December 16 — The Land of Goshen

Today we drive through the rich farmland in the Nile Delta, where the Israelites dwelt during their sojourn in Egypt. See the remains of the palace of  Ramses in Tanis, a site made famous to many in the 1981 movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” After a picnic lunch, we will drive to Avaris, the site of the Hyksos capital and where archaeologist have discovered remains associated with the Israelites. Dinner and overnight at the Hilton Heliopolis.

Day 7December 17 — Ancient Thebes

This morning we catch an early flight from Cairo to Luxor. Once we arrive in Luxor, we head to the famous temple of Karnak. The Karnak temple covers more than sixty acres—making it the largest temple complex in the world. Dedicated to the Egyptian god Amon-Ra, one Egyptian ruler after another added monuments to this site during the New Kingdom. Some of the amazing things we will see are the Great Hypostyle Hall, the 97-foot-tall obelisk of Hatshepsut, and the relief of Shishak’s campaign against Judah and Israel, which is mentioned in the Bible.

Following our tour of Karnak, we will check in and eat lunch on our Nile Cruise ship. After relaxing in the afternoon on our ship, we will visit the Temple of Luxor for a beautiful evening tour.

Day 8December 18 — The Valley of the Kings

After an early breakfast, we start our day with a pleasant motorboat ride across the Nile River on our way to the Valley of the Kings. The Valley of the Kings is the location where at least sixty-two pharaohs of Egypt were buried over five-hundred years in spectacularly decorated rock-cut tombs. During our visit, we will have the opportunity to visit the tomb of King Tut, plus three other tombs. Unlike many other tours, we will also visit some of the stunning tombs of the powerful nobles of Egypt.

After lunch, we will visit the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari. Hatshepsut was the first woman to rule over ancient Egypt—and some scholars believe she was the young princess who rescued the baby Moses from the Nile. We will also visit Deir el-Medina, the village of the workers who built the royal tombs. On the way back to our cruise ship, we will stop at an alabaster shop. After supper, we will enjoy a relaxing evening on the sundeck of our ship.

Day 9December 19 — The Gods of Egypt

Today we begin our Nile cruise. As we sail to Aswan, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the Egyptian countryside as you see farmers at work, children swimming, and picturesque villages. Our first stop along the way is the temple at Edfu, which is the best-preserved temple in Egypt dedicated to the falcon god Horus. Built between 237 and 57 BC, during the time when Greeks ruled over Egypt (known as the Ptolemaic period), the famous Cleopatra VII would have visited this temple, since her father Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos finished its construction. After a horse carriage ride back to our ship, we will cruise to Kom Ombo.

Once we arrive in Kom Ombo, we will visit the temple Ptolemy V (ca 210-180 BC) built there to worship two gods, Sobek, the crocodile god, and Horus, the falcon god. After visiting the site, we return to the ship for supper, as we continue on our way to Aswan. Enjoy the evening by donning some Egyptian clothing and joining the cruise’s Galabeya party.

Day 10December 20 — Abu Simbel

We begin our first day in Aswan by catching a quick early morning flight to Abu Simbel to see one of the most impressive monuments in all of Egypt—the temple Ramses II built to commemorate his victory at the Battle of Kadesh over the Hittites in 1274 BC. The facade of the temple is over 100 feet tall and wide and is guarded by four seated statues of Ramses II. The inside of the temple is just as spectacular with reliefs of the battle. We will also visit the beautiful temple of Nefertari, which Ramses II built in honor of his wife.

Day 11December 21 — The Wonders of Aswan

Enjoy a morning motorboat ride on our way to visit St. Simon’s Monastery. Built in the seventh century, early Christians came to the outskirts of Awan to enjoy the tranquility of the desert as they sought closer communion with God. Next we will visit the Temple of Philae, which is located on a nearby beautiful island. This temple was dedicated to the goddess Isis, and was the last functioning pagan temple in the Greco-Roman world before it was converted into a church inthe sixth century. After lunch we will stop at an ancient granite quarry, where we will see the remains of an amazing “Unfinished Obelisk.” We will then enjoy a relaxing  afternoon sailing on the Nile in an Egyptian Felucca. After dinner we will catch our evening flight to Cairo. Hilton Heliopolis Hotel.

Day 12December 22 — The Treasures of Egypt

For our last day of sightseeing we will a visit  the stunning new Egyptian Museum in Cairo. During our visit, we will see remains from each period of ancient Egyptian history, including the spectacular treasures of King Tut’s tomb, and the Merneptah Stele, the earliest extra- biblical reference to the Israelites. After lunch, visit the Monastery of Saint Simon, also known as the Cave Church. With over 20,000 worshippers, this church with its beautiful rock carvings is  the largest church in the Middle East. Hilton Heliopolis Hotel.

Day 13December 23 — Flight Home

Return home with memories for a lifetime and a better understanding of the world of the Bible.

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An Invitation from Dr. Cosaert

I invite you to join me on this trip to Egypt. It is going to be spectacular. I’ve been leading tours to the Middle East for over a decade, and I can assure you that no course on the Bible, no study of geography, no book on history or archaeology can ever give more insight into the world of the Bible than a personal trip like this to Egypt.

What makes this trip so special is not just the sites themselves you can see many of them on any generic trip, but rather it is the experience we will share together as I become your personal teacher, explaining the significance of the things we see and, as we explore, how they interact with the great stories of the Bible. To see, to hear, to feel, to smell, and to experience the land where the great events of the Bible took place on this kind of trip is an event of a lifetime. I’ve seen it again and again in the eyes and hearts of the people I’ve traveled with.

Our time together is sure to build your faith and forever enrich your reading of the Bible. I assure you it will be a trip you will never forget!


My husband and I just got back from Egypt with Dr. Cosaert in December 2019 and once again we had an AWESOME TIME! That was our third trip with him. Dr. Cosaert’s trips are well organized, infused with local customs, safe, informative, and make the Bible come alive!

Jasmine Jackson

My wife and I went on a tour of lsrael and Jordan with Dr. Cosaert in 2018. It was hands down one of the highlights of our lives. We will never read the Bible the same after seeing the biblical sites in person with Carl’s thoughtful devotional thoughts and the insights of amazing local guides. Highly recommend going on one of these trips!

Jeffrey Colburn

I have been on Dr. Cosaert’s Turkey and Greece (Footsteps of Paul) trip in 2009, Jordan and Israel trip in 2014, and most recently, this past December 2019, his Egypt tour. Every single experience has been incredible. The sites are amazing, the food delicious, the hotels comfortable, the local guides knowledgeable, our safety a constant priority, and best of all the entire experience spiritually uplifting. This is a true life “mountain top experience” with each part of the trip carefully constructed to not only be historical but also connect the travelers to the Living God, personally interested in a relationship with them. Meeting other travelers from all over the world also broadened my horizons and I keep in touch with many of them years later, considering them each dear friends. If you are considering going on any of these trips, you absolutely must decide to do it. Your life will be changed for the better.

Julie Alvarez

We visited Eygpt in 2017. Learned so much and saw some amazing sights. Very well organized. Accommodations were excellent. Local tour guide very knowledgeable. Call and his wife were great hosts. Looking forward to Steps of Peter and Paul in Turkey and Greece in a couple of months.

Donna Street

My daughter and I have done all three Advent Tours …. Carl is a great tour guide who pays close attention to all the details of the trip while at the same time providing a deeply enjoyable and spiritual experience. Loved holding a book in the Alexandria library, riding camels at the great pyramid of Egypt, boating on Galilee, and swimming in the Dead Sea! His trips provide a great mix of history, adventure, opportunities to make the Bible come alive and for spiritual growth! Just do it!

Jaimy Hill